Friday, 18 April 2014


Four types of thoughts


Human beings have four types of thoughts.

First, there are negative thoughts. When there are negative thoughts you cannot tolerate others. Negative thoughts are like poison. They finish the cleanliness and beauty of the soul completely.

Then, there are weak thoughts. Weak thoughts don’t allow courageous thoughts to emerge or to stay in the mind.

Thirdly, there are waste thoughts. These are thoughts of others and the type of thoughts that are really not necessary to have. When waste thoughts finish, we will be left only with what is powerful.

Fourthly there are positive thoughts. It is by creating positive thoughts that the soul becomes honest and stops having any more ordinary thoughts.

I need to check myself and see what type of thoughts I am having. I should make sure my thoughts do not go into the wrong direction.

Only then we can become a powerfull creator!


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