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Fall And Fall Again

A wise man once said, “Failures are merely stepping stones to success.”

Success and failure go hand in hand. Just like you would only understand the true meaning of joy after going through sorrow, the true taste of success only happens after you have experienced failure.

Imagine that your parents were millionaires and they gave you with a huge sum of money that made you a millionaire too, would you consider yourself to be successful?

The true measure of your success is not by calculating how many income you earn, but rather through your failures and how you pick yourself up after that. Falling down is inevitable when walking down the path of success.

What makes a successful person is his unrelenting desire to reach his goal and pick himself up again each and every time he falls. He learns from his mistakes and emerges a stronger person.

Of course, this is not telling you to purposely go and make mistakes but rather, to not be afraid of failures. If it happens, it happened for a reason. So find out that reason and learn from that experience. As someone once said, ‘A man’s errors are his portals of discovery’. See this as an opportunity to expand your horizons. Dare to take risks for there is no such thing as a successful coward.

Evidently, there will be times when you will feel all alone and everything feels like a heavy burden to carry. You think that you have reached rock bottom and may even start to feel that somehow, your goals do not seem that worth it after all. It is times like these that really reinforce the importance of step 4; to keep on visualizing your dreams and keeping your desires strong.

Another way of coping with your failures is to seek for assistance.

Do not be too stubborn to ask for help, it is not a shameful thing to do. Arrogance can lead downfall. Many a times, we fail because we depend on ourselves too much. But it is always possible to take someone’s hand to assist us in getting up. We may be blinded by our own faults that sometimes, only an outsider can point out to us. Lastly, success requires patience. It is not something that is attainable overnight. Some may bump into many failures, but all these lead to only one triumphant success. Perseverance is essential in lasting a long time.

Keep your desires and dreams burning on till the day you have changed it to reality.

So fall, and fall again. We are not ‘Humpty Dumpties’ where we will shatter into pieces, broken beyond repair when we fall down the wall. We are human beings that are capable of handling heartaches and failures. And each time instead of breaking apart, we bear the scars of our fall, mended but not forgotten, moving on to become a more resilient person.


As you can see, success is attainable for anyone!

Just by following these 4 simple steps, I can guarantee that you will be one step closer to reaching your goals.images123

Remember to continuously look at your Reality List and start cancelling out the dreams that have become a reality.

Start turning your life around and become the successful person you had always wanted to be!

So take out that a blank piece of paper now and start scribbling down all the points that I have mentioned earlier.

Remember, how real your dreams will become will only depend on how serious you are in attaining your goals.

So stop dreaming, and take the first step to changing your life, right now.


To Your Success,

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