Monday, 28 April 2014

Let’s Learn to Listen

Δημοσίευση1Let’s Learn to Listen

People often speak of opening the third eye but our true step in deepening our understanding is to open our third ear!

What this means is to tune the self to understand what is really said to me. I need to step back from myself in order to listen to myself.

Listening is creating that respectful space between myself and the other, which facilitates a real understanding of what the other is trying to say to me.

Listening through the “third ear” creates an attentive calm and openness that focuses the mind so that reality can be grasped. Such an attentive awareness enables the mind to create concentrated and pure thoughts.

Only pure thought can grasp reality.


As the world becomes more complex and with more problems, listening is the first step in order to communicate and harmonise with everyone. It is a method that enables me to understand the reality of others in order to live better with them.

Listening to myself, to God, to others and to Nature enables the self to harmonise and to enjoy a sense of equilibrium.

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