Wednesday, 28 May 2014

stress “a friend or an enemy?” #2

Mistake #2: Thinking Yourself To Death

After years of running a Coaching practice, and working one-to-one with hundreds  of people, I found that what became true in a person's mind was reflected in their body.1012184_411985498910127_1842467618_n

I noticed that people who would continually worry and stress about their problems tended to develop tense muscles, become easily tired or experience headaches. When their mind was stressed, their body became stressed too.

Chewing over your mistakes and over analysing what could go wrong, or what you could have done differently, only drains your energy and distracts you from focusing on what you have to do.

Worrying is about as useful as air conditioning on a motorbike - it only uses up energy and doesn't really help your situation. Like acid, worry will just eat you away if you let it into your life each day.

468766974_640There are endless things you can worry about - work, kids, money, the weather, your safety, health.....but let's face it:

* Worry doesn't change the situation

* Worry won't help time move any quicker

* Worry doesn't get you through the traffic faster

* Worry won't get you through your workload

...worry just doesn't help! So don't do it.


Exchange worry for action iStock_000018662891XSmall

There are no scientific formulae, no esoteric mantras, and no affirmations to stop worrying...

...either do something about it or let it go.

Worry, like a hot stove, only hurts you if you touch it.

Instead of worrying about your business, finances, relationship, health, or world issues, do something about it.take-action-now

Think Globally - Act Locally

Instead of worrying, look globally at the big picture and think of what outcome you would like to achieve or change.

For example, in your business you may look at the big picture and want to improve your turnover. So instead of worrying about what might happen if your turnover drops, act locally by doing something each day that will contribute to your global objective. Take local action every day, even if it is just to make a small improvement.

Worry is a waste of energy. Instead take action.

From action comes results!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


A lot of people complain about the ‘stress’ in their lives.

I hear them say that ‘work is stressful’, clients and customers ‘stress them out’, and then there is the kids, finance, health, and finding time for themselves.

 Is life today that stressful?stock-photo-stress-info-text-graphics-and-arrangement-concept-on-white-background-word-cloud-113584882

I don’t believe it is.

The reality is that most people unwittingly CREATE stress for themselves through their body use, attitudes, working habits and lifestyles.

Sure, there are people, situations and circumstances that may challenge you, push your ‘hot buttons’ and outright enrage you. However most of your experiences that you call stress are created by you and not done to you.

Since many people are just so busy just getting through the day, they don’t realize that some of their ‘coping strategies’, which they may not even be aware that they are using, are actually draining them of energy, health and happiness…and creating an experience known as ‘stress’.

I have outlined 7 key mistakes you may be making that will cause you to feel stressed-out, over-worked & run down…. and how to prevent yourself from making them again!


Some of these mistakes I have seen in my clients, others I have made myself. Either way, you have probably made a few of them yourself (and maybe making them right now in your life) and they are reducing your resilience to pressure – which may be reducing your capacity and focus at work, in your personal life or in your relationships.

So read on and learn how to turn your self-inflicted stress into energy and enthusiasm.

Mistake #1: Working As If You Are Unbreakable

Being motivated and passionate about achieving goals in your work and life is an important quality to help you get to where you want to go. When you can focus and push yourself past your comfort zone you will achieve targets that you may have otherwise not attempted.

The danger, however, lies in not knowing when to STOP pushing yourself and literally working yourself to death!images

A few years ago I became passionate about building my new coaching business.

I put all my energy into developing the ideas and getting the project off the ground. The problem was that I was also working six days a week running my own Real Estate business.

And on the top of all that I was the mother of an infant who needed all my love, care and attention.

To get the business off the ground I decided to get up at 4.00a.m. and work until 6.00a.m., then do all the housekeeping, take care of the baby, then go to work, with the baby with me , come home and work again until 10.00p.m.

All I did was work. I stopped eating well, cut down my exercise and my dreams were even filled with work. I was motivated, enthusiastic and passionate and, because I was young and fairly strong, my body would handle the long hours and hard work.

I thought I was unbreakable.

However, in Sempember 2010 my body crashed. I burnt myself out and had to take 3 weeks off work because I developed bronchitis. Yes - the coach (teacher of others how to be healthier and happier)  got sick - how ironic! (They say the things you teach are the very things you have to learn in life).

Just like me, you are also breakable.

 Your body also has a limit to how hard you can push it.

dear-stress-lets-break-up1Your body will warn you that you are getting tired with a whisper -perhaps with a mild headache, aching shoulders or feeling less patient with people

If you ignore the whispers, the message will turn into a shout, which may result in injury, illness or a breakdown. Learn to listen to your body's whispers before they turn into shouts and stop you in your tracks.

Make a list of your body's tired signs and learn to respond to them when they occur.

Your body WILL force you to stop if you don't do it of your own free will!

To become resilient to pressure, follow the three 'R's':


If you are stealing Time_to_Rest_Time_to_Play_1sleep to work late then realize that your body is not regenerating and that will mean that you will simply be unable to function at your best. Rest ensures that your mind can think clearly, your body has a good source of energy, and your emotions are in control.


When you are under pressure, your body is also gathering physical tension. If you are not regularly releasing the tension in your neck, shoulders, back, stomach and even your calves, then you may find that you are becoming tired faster, more irritable and have frequent aches and pains.


Whatever energy you spend you need to replace. Unlike a bank, you cannot get an energy overdraft! Without replacing your energy through good nutrition and exercise, you will find that being under pressure will make you feel stressed and less focused.