Wednesday, 28 May 2014

stress “a friend or an enemy?” #2

Mistake #2: Thinking Yourself To Death

After years of running a Coaching practice, and working one-to-one with hundreds  of people, I found that what became true in a person's mind was reflected in their body.1012184_411985498910127_1842467618_n

I noticed that people who would continually worry and stress about their problems tended to develop tense muscles, become easily tired or experience headaches. When their mind was stressed, their body became stressed too.

Chewing over your mistakes and over analysing what could go wrong, or what you could have done differently, only drains your energy and distracts you from focusing on what you have to do.

Worrying is about as useful as air conditioning on a motorbike - it only uses up energy and doesn't really help your situation. Like acid, worry will just eat you away if you let it into your life each day.

468766974_640There are endless things you can worry about - work, kids, money, the weather, your safety, health.....but let's face it:

* Worry doesn't change the situation

* Worry won't help time move any quicker

* Worry doesn't get you through the traffic faster

* Worry won't get you through your workload

...worry just doesn't help! So don't do it.


Exchange worry for action iStock_000018662891XSmall

There are no scientific formulae, no esoteric mantras, and no affirmations to stop worrying...

...either do something about it or let it go.

Worry, like a hot stove, only hurts you if you touch it.

Instead of worrying about your business, finances, relationship, health, or world issues, do something about it.take-action-now

Think Globally - Act Locally

Instead of worrying, look globally at the big picture and think of what outcome you would like to achieve or change.

For example, in your business you may look at the big picture and want to improve your turnover. So instead of worrying about what might happen if your turnover drops, act locally by doing something each day that will contribute to your global objective. Take local action every day, even if it is just to make a small improvement.

Worry is a waste of energy. Instead take action.

From action comes results!

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