Tuesday, 13 January 2015

9 Ways to Change Your Life!

8. What it’s Really all About


Here's a big question for you: what is life all about?

You could probably debate this one for hours, but for the sake of this small blog I am going to suggest a simple, powerful answer:

Life is. about feeling good!

Does that seem too shallow for you? If so, think about why you do the things you do.

Why do you have a family? Why do you go to work or build your own business? Why do you exercise or eat healthily?

Eventually, when it comes right down to it, we do what we do so that we can feel good.

Professional salespeople have a saying: 'people make emotional decisions, but give rational reasons'. What this means is that we always buy because we want to feel good, but we say it's because of the quality, price, value, etc.

It's exactly the same in your everyday life: you will make your choices based upon what will make you feel the best, even though you may explain it for rational reasons.

Take your time going through your life and test this out for yourself - can you think of anything you do that doesn't eventually lead to you feeling good? Even going to work, and paying your taxes makes you feel good, because it enables you to live in a nice country with a high quality of life.

So now that you know this - what does it mean for you? It means that if something isn't leading to you feeling good, then perhaps you had better stop doing it.

I am talking here about things like stress, fatigue, worry, procrastination, anger, gossip, etc. All these things may give us a small feeling of release in the short term, but eventually they lead to us feeling miserable. So the answer is to stop doing them.

Stop robbing yourself of the chance to feel good!

Of course, life is also about contribution, learning, growth, love, courtesy, gratitude, spirituality and a great deal more. But all of these things eventually lead us right back to feeling good. When you look over your life, and the things you do, this simple idea is very powerful for helping you to know what you should be doing.

So, do you feel good?

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