Tuesday, 2 December 2014

9 Ways to Change your Life!


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3. Change the Way you Look at Food

So many people these days are really exhausted. Ask somebody how they feel, and they'll usually say 'tired1. It seems that modern life is really wearing us all out, and we have no idea why.

While it's true that many of us are working harder than ever before, it's also important to realise the value of the food you eat.

Most of us only think about food when we are hungry, and then we usually eat whatever we 'feel like' eating. Here is great idea to immediately give you more energy: change your perception of food. Stop thinking of it in terms of how it tastes; instead focus on how it fuels your body.

Food = Potential Raw Energy


In its most basic form, food is just potential raw energy. The more high quality fuel you use the greater return of energy your body has. The greater amount of energy you have, the more you can do and experience in your life.

By suggesting this idea, I am not saying you must become a health food fanatic - rather I'm suggesting you think about what you get out of the food you eat. Instead of only thinking about food when your stomach grumbles, think about it before you even start your day. Ask yourself what kind of activities you have on, and how much energy you need to complete them. Then decide what fuel would best suit your energy needs.

Of course, the best sources of high energy come from natural foods such as fresh fruits, juices and vegetables. This is because they are transformed into raw energy faster than any other types of food. But you must decide for yourself what types of food suit your energy needs the most.

Here is a little test for you: over the next week, be conscious of the energy return you get from the foods you eat. Do not think about taste or if you're satisfied - only think  about the energy they give you after you eat them.

Next, test other types of food to see if you gain better results. You will notice that some foods give you more natural energy than others.

Once you know what works for you (each person is a little different), try to incorporate more of the better quality energy foods into your diet. Do not obsess about a diet regime; rather just keep thinking to yourself

'What energy do I get from eating this?'


To be continued….

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