Thursday, 27 November 2014

9 Ways to Change your Life!



Nine strategies to help you get more of what you want.
(And less of what you don’t want.)

1. You Become What You Think About..

2. Get Serious!

3. Change the Way You Look at Food

4. Work all the Time You’re at Work.

5. Bring It On!

6. Responsibility & Self-Reliance..

7. Your Number One Asset.

8. Relationships (play the game).

9. What it’s Really all About.

1. You Become What You Think About
Have you ever thought about how you think? Do you ever wonder how much your thoughts affect the quality of your life?

If not, maybe it’s time you did…
Perhaps the greatest mental principle ever discovered is that ‘we become what we think about’.

Each person’s outer world is a reflection of their inner thoughts and ideas. In essence what is going on outside of you is a reflection of what’s going on inside you.
This extends well beyond the concept of positive thinking and attitude; it means that everything you are and everything you have – is a result of your thoughts. Even if you don’t believe it’s true you will still become what you think about.
What does this mean for you and me? It means that we can use this discovery to our advantage. We can literally change our lives, beginning with our thoughts.

And in this article, I will show you how to start doing it.

First things first

The first step to changing your life is to begin to accept the awesome power your thoughts have in your life. This is because everything starts with a thought. It is the starting point of everything you do. Your thoughts have the power to make you unpopular or popular, insecure or confident, negative or positive. And it all begins with realising that this is so.
The secret to getting more out of your life is to structure your thinking in such a way that it helps you. You can design your thought patterns so they help you feel confident and in control. You can structure your thinking to help you learn fast and move on opportunities in your life and career. By doing this, there is literally nothing that you cannot eventually change and improve.
This is the first of the nine strategies, and if you are willing to accept that thinking can impact your life – and become more conscious of it - then you will be able to use the next eight strategies to your distinct advantage.
In this short article, I’ve given you nine strategies that act as ‘paradigm shifters’. Each of them will greatly enhance your life, if you choose to take them on. They will all take time and focus to incorporate into your life; and all of them are guaranteed to bring results. Each idea can be used separately or together to help you.
Just how far you go depends on how much you are willing to change your thinking. If you revolutionise your thinking, then you will have a lifestyle revolution as well.
Are you ready for a revolution?

2. Get Serious!

Why do you think the majority of people never achieve very much in their lives?

Is it circumstances? Is it fate?

The truth is that most people fail to achieve very much because they do not take their life seriously.
It’s likely you’ve heard the saying ‘life is not a dress rehearsal’ before. But have you ever really thought about it? How often do we do things that are only giving us mediocre results in our lives when we really want the best for ourselves? How often do we take shortcuts in our work, health or relationships when we know we could and should be doing better?
Here is a fact: each of us is given 24 hours a day to do with what we want to.

Nobody is given any more or less of this valuable resource. Yet what each of us chooses to do with our time makes a big difference. If you choose to focus your daily actions on improving yourself and your life, you will find your life improving. If in contrast you spend your time idly, counting the hours till you finish work or wishing that could win the lottery – then it’s likely nothing in your life will change.
How seriously you take your life and your success is really up to you. Each day when the sun rises there are literally millions of other people who compete with you for all the great things life has to offer. If you do not take your work, your health, your relationships and own personal development seriously, then you will soon find yourself falling behind those who do. This is neither fair nor unfair – it’s just the way the world works!
The next time you feel that life isn’t giving you what you want and need, then take a look at how seriously you are treating the life you lead. Do you give 100% to your work and your life? Or do you tend to peak out at 60%? Only you will know the answer to this, but it is an important question to ask yourself.
Being more serious doesn’t mean you must stop enjoying yourself or having fun. But it does require you to examine your daily and weekly efforts. In life we don’t always get what we want, but usually what we deserve. The more you are willing to invest into yourself - your work, relationships, health, personal development - the more life will give you back.
Here’s a great way to start practicing this idea: at the end of each week, ask yourself if you have honestly done the best you possibly could in each situation (work, relationships, health, personal development). If the answer is no, then start to think of ways you can improve your efforts the next week. Repeat this exercise each week and watch your rewards in life soar!

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to be continued…..

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