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How to Overcome a Negative Mindsetnegative_thinking-660x330

Many people have a negative mindset.   Negative mindsets come in different forms.

For some people, they are just pessimistic about everything in  life. For others, they are only negative when it comes to themselves and their own abilities. Either way, when you have a negative mindset you cannot enjoy life the way you should and you may even find that it is hard to maintain personal and work relationships.

Luckily, you can overcome a negative mindset and start enjoying the life that you were meant to have.

It is a matter of recognizing the harmful thought patterns, figuring out what created them and then turning them off, replacing them with healthier patterns.


Where Do Negative Thought Patterns Come From?

Often our negative thought patterns were instilled in us as children and many times this was an unconscious thing. We pick up worry over money from listening to our parents fret and fight. As time goes on, this worry about money wears a groove in our psyche and it becomes a familiar pattern. When we think about money, we automatically begin to worry and see everything that could possibly go wrong.


Don’t Go There!

It’s easier said than done, but don't allow yourself to get negative. As soon as you start to think negative thoughts, you need to stop them in their tracks. Unfortunately, much of our inner dialogue is subconscious so we are being negative without even knowing it. We set ourselves up for negative thinking early on in life, in many cases, so that the negative dialogue is always there. This being said, how can we not go there? You need to start with those situations in which you know you are being negative and stop the thoughts in their tracks.


Take the Power Away from the Negativity

When you hear the negative thoughts spinning around and around in your head it’s time to take action. While many of our negative thoughts happen without us even knowing it, we are aware of some of these thoughts. As soon as you have a negative though, stop the process. Take the power away from the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

For instance, if you are thinking “I cannot do this!” tell yourself, “I can do this if I try.”

When you replace the negative thought with a positive one and you allow it to run through your head instead of the negative thought, you will feel as though a 5,000 pound weight has been lifted from your shoulders. The key is to be consistent in replacing the negative thoughts with the positive ones.

Make a Choice

Whether you realize it or not, having a negative mindset really is a choice.

That is difficult for many people worktra-possible-thumbto hear, but it’s the truth.  Many people spend their whole lives feeling imprisoned by negative thoughts and their emotions. The bottom line is that you need to make a choice whether you want to be happy or whether you want to continue to be miserable. Decide right now if you want to be happy or not. If you decide that you really want to be happy, you can go forward knowing that happiness really is your goal. When you aren’t truly dedicated to being happy replacing the negative mindset with a positive one will be nearly impossible.

Replace Negative People with Positive People

If you are stuck in a negative mindset, chances are you are surrounded by like minded people.

The old adage that misery loves company is true, so when you are in a negative head space you are going to attract or being attracted to people who are also negative. When you surround yourself by negative people and situations you will have a much more difficult time changing your life. Do away with negative people and situations.

Cut negative people out of your life and if there are situations that contribute to your negative mindset such as relationships or working environments, work to change them or find your way out of the situation as soon as possible.


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