Friday, 26 September 2014

Power Life Secrets #3

Failure- A Prerequisite to Successhealthy-relationship

Many of those who reap success today will tell you that it was not exactly an easy journey. They will have different tales to tell and these will not all be about jackpots, bonuses, success, and triumph.

The many people who are embracing success now, did not get there overnight.

It was a long arduous journey through different kinds of obstacles and roadblocks. However, one thing these people will most likley tell you is that the hindrances along the way became the greatest fuel that led to their successes.

Failures should not always be viewed negatively. Failures are inevitable and everyone gets to meet failures at some point in their lives but it does not mean that you have met a dead end. When you are driving towards a new destination, a place that you have not yet seen, sometimes you get lost, take a wrong turn, and meet a dead end. When this happens, you just turn the car around and continue driving. Failures can be positive. Wrong turns can lead you to a shortcut and those who have tasted success will attest to the true role of failures in their lives.

Failures Keep You Strong  10320280_530842670376740_7553297391046534412_n

They say that what does not kill you will only make you stronger and this is true. When you survive after a big disaster, when you get to stand up after a great calamity, when you get to live after a momentous failure, you will come back stronger.

Failures Wake You Up

Sometimes, when the journey is going your way, you forget where you have come from since you are having a particularly good time at the top or on the drive towards the top. Some people who almost tasted success forget the beginnings and forget the people who have helped them get there. In their carelessness, they meet the impending fall and they collapse hard. In this case, failures become wake up calls that remind you of your past or keeps in tune with what used to be your goal. Sometimes, in the heat of the race, you lose yourself and it is failure that will keep you grounded.

Failures Make Winning Taste Sweeter10445934_537480843046256_3800007598896476846_n

When you get to taste success with much ease, it does not feel like a well-deserved feat. When something that you have aspired for so long ends up being handed on to you on a platter, the sensation is almost lost and becomes insignificant. Failures make success taste sweeter and it will make you value the achievement that much more. It will make the challenge even more worth it- a proud moment that no one can ever take away from you.

Failures Teach You a Thing or Two

When you fail in something that you do, it will be painful but it will also be a learning experience. Because of it, you will find out which things to avoid so that you can do so much better next time. Failures are important for success because it teaches values that you will never learn otherwise. It will teach you to be hardworking, to be humble, and to be resilient.

Failures are not meant to discourage you. They are designed to challenge you and keep you going.


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