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10 Tips to Improving Self-Esteem

10 Tips to Improving Self-Esteem


Low self-esteem can lead to various problems in your career, relationships and personal life.

Here are 10 helpful tips on how one can boost his self-esteem.

1. Accept yourself

People should remember that everyone is unique and beauty is to be found in every human being. Yes, other people can be better in doing certain things but this fact shouldn't hinder people from being the best that they can be.

2. Self-appreciation

Accepting yourself is different from appreciating yourself. Self-acceptance is a prerequisite to self-appreciation but the latter must always be present. You might accept yourself under a pessimistic light and this is not very healthy. "I accept that I cannot do the things that I really want to do because I am weak" is a sample statement which depicts an unhealthy self-acceptance.

3. Refrain from comparing

Low self-esteem can be brought by the environment. Again, this can be traced to the lack of self-acceptance. Everybody is different and you have qualities that no other person has. A general sense of self-worth should be built without comparing yourself to other people.


4. Don't put yourself down

Nobody's perfect. Making a mistake is definitely normal and people should start accepting this fact. An inner voice which reverberates inside their heads tells them that there is no hope. This should not be the case and having control over the inner voices can be the solution for this problem. Cut yourself some slack, you've done your best and that's what's important.

5. Befriend positive people

Having friends who are positive towards dealing with life's challenges can influence someone into seeing life in the same light and eventually build self-esteem.

6. Remind yourself of the positive things about you

Again, there is beauty in everyone. Remember all the things that you like about yourself and the good things which you have done and make a list of the most striking ones. This will help in self-appreciation and definitely give you something to smile about.

7. Use tools

Buying books, CDs and other materials about building self-esteem wouldn't hurt, would it? These materials can definitely provide some informative ways on how to deal with low self-esteem. However, buying these materials would be useless if the lessons which they give aren't applied in real life.


8. Engage in fun activities

Having fun once in a while releases stress, takes the negative ideas out of your head and leaves space for positive thoughts to fill in. Having fun makes you feel happy about yourself.

9. Hangout with friends

Having fun can be done privately but nothing beats fun with friends. Friends are usually a part of the primary support group of a person and can provide much needed conversations for a down-and-out person.


10. Seek Help

When all else fail, seek professional help from a psychologist or a Personal Life Coach.

There's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself since low self-esteem can lead to more serious problems.

Having low self-esteem can be solved with the right tools and the right attitude. Loving yourself is the ultimate way which leads to a healthy and a better 'you'.



Bring It On!

What is the right way to look at the problems in your life? Should you get worried about them? Should you complain and condemn them in the hope that they'll go away? If you want to be agitated and stressed for the rest of your life, then maybe you could.

Or should you accept problems as a part of the 'tide of life' and go wearily about your day feeling burdened and miserable? If you want to be depressed all the time, then perhaps you should.

If neither of those ways of thinking appeals to you, here is another idea for you: whenever you are faced by a problem large or small, then look at it as personal challenge. Decide to adopt the 'Bring It On' attitude.


The 'Bring It On' attitude says

- Life isn't for wimps!

- Life is about earning your stripes

- Every challenge or problem is a chance to grow

- What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger

Each time life serves up a tough situation, you have to face it squarely and say to yourself, "Bring It On!" This may sound like a peculiar way to face your problems, but it is guaranteed to boost your chances of success. Saying these words over and over will trigger the positive, proactive, constructive thinking that you require to solve your problems and challenges. It stirs up the courage and power that is dormant inside of you.

Only you can decide what reaction you have to the events of your life. You choose if you see something as an opportunity to show your true colours, or a sign that you should just give up.

Each time you feel overwhelmed it's easy to feel like giving up, and retreating.

But the 'Bring It On1 attitude makes you feel better about your situation. Try it for yourself next time you are starting feel sorry for yourself. Straighten your shoulders, smile to yourself and say...

"Bring it On!"

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