Thursday, 6 February 2014

Can Life Coaching Help You?


15 Questions to Ask Yourself.
by Katerina Efstratiadou

Ask yourself the following:


Am I truly happy most of the time?   YES/NO

Do I live and work in a supportive, affirming environment?   YES/NO

Do I have a clear idea of my most fundamental interests, talents and values?   YES/NO

When I think about my future, do I have a feeling of calm and peace?   YES/NO

Do people treat me the way I deserve to be treated?   YES/NO

Do I have everything I need?   YES/NO

Do I feel a connection to something larger than myself?   YES/NO

Do I love waking up in the morning?   YES/NO

Am I sure that I the “success” I am striving for will lead to happiness?   YES/NO

Am I excited about my career direction?   YES/NO

Am I grateful for everything that I have right now?   YES/NO

Is my mind free of worries, anxiety, regrets and guilt?   YES/NO

Do great things happen to me in the most unexpected ways?   YES/NO

If my life were to end tomorrow, would I be satisfied with who I was, how I spent my time, the relationships in my life and what I accomplished?   YES/NO


If you answered NO to one or more of the above questions, you have room for improvement in your life, and you should consider coaching.

Now, read the questions one more time, this time, imagining what your life would be like if you could answer YES to all of them.  If that sounds great to you...Get a coach!

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